Fabricated Florals

Florals. They make such a statement, but some events just don’t have the budget to accommodate fresh flowers as bold centerpieces. Have no fear; you can still get the look of fresh flowers. All it takes is a little craftiness and a whole lot of patience.

paper flowersAt first glance, you probably had no idea these flowers were not only fake but made out of paper. Yes, those are paper flowers! Heather, a bride I worked with in January, understood that a lot of flowers on her wish list were not in season in the month of January and her at-home creations were much more cost effective. To complete her creations, Heather did partner with Alan Anderson’s Just Fabulous Flowers to arrange her individual, handmade creations and add in some fresh greenery. The end result was nothing short of breathtaking. I can only imagine the hours spent on these!

paper flowers 2At a more recent event, my Partner in Crime at work, Brenda, handcrafted Valentine’s Day centerpieces. Not only is Brenda crazy talented, but between her and I, we can also create some pretty decor on a very small budget (if we do say so ourselves).

Throw in some custom linens, gold chargers and pearls that were re-purposed from a previous event, and we put together elegant tablescapes that were romantic enough for the occasion while still being bold and festive.




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