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There are a handful of couples out there that really embrace their planners as part of not only the planning process but also part of their intimate celebrations. And when the toasts have been given and the last dancer walks off the dance floor of those weddings, it’s a bittersweet moment.

That was the case for this particular wedding, which was featured in “Midwest Wedding Crashers” and then again in COMO LivingI met Cayla and her mom right about a year out from the big day. From our first meeting, it was evident that these ladies were excited about all of the details and were going to be such a pleasure to work with. When December 5th arrived, I was anxious to see all of the elegant wintery details come together, but as excited I was to celebrate with the couple and their families, there was also a little bit of sadness. Sadness knowing that I would no longer be receiving weekly emails or phone calls with updates or getting the pleasure of seeing Cayla’s mom and grandma stop by during the set up of other weddings to look at how those details were coming together.

Image courtesy of Catherine Rhodes Photography
Image courtesy of Catherine Rhodes Photography

By no means to I have favorites, but these are the types of weddings that I truly treasure. I couldn’t thank the Troyer’s enough for the fabulous experience I had with them from start to finish, and I felt even more valued when I received the family’s Christmas card following the reception.

The day itself was nothing less than picturesque. Candy apple bridesmaid dresses, winter twigs in the bouquets and unseasonably warm December weather came together for the perfect celebration. And let’s not forget about their all-star team of vendors that contributed to the success of the day. Christy Asper, owner of The Ink Cafe and writer of “Midwest Wedding Crashers,” created all the place cards and table numbers, Catherine Rhodes captured gorgeous moments as the photographer, Kent’s Floral Gallery and Gifts put together unique floral arrangements, and the list went on and on. For an insider’s look at the details of the day, make sure to read Christy’s article.

Also, can we please look at how gorgeous the COMO Living redesign is? When you visit their website to read about this wedding, make sure to oggle over the artistic talents of this team.


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