The Mecca of Wedding Decor Deals

I have to preface this source and say that in order for you to successfully find these deals, you do have to watch these outlets quite closely. So if you A.) Don’t ever check Facebook or B.) Hate dealing with purchases via the Internet, I would not recommend these for you.

However, if you love a great deal and don’t mind checking Facebook notifications a few times a day, online swap shops are the way to go! I tell all my brides about these because you can really get some steals. I am currently part of three groups through Facebook: Wedding Resale Missouri, Missouri Wedding Swap and Shop and Mid Missouri Buy Sell/Swap. Like other Facebook groups, some of these are closed groups, but there are also some public options.

Basically, members of the group who have leftover decor, dresses for resale, etc. post their items and prices on the group wall. You correspond all via comments and PMs, and if you’re one of the first to job on a steal, you walk away the winner.

From these groups, I have purchased…

  • 70 3-inch floating candles: $30 (normally roughly $2-$3 a piece)
  • 15 square, 12-inch mirrors only used once for $25 (normally $4.99 a piece when half price at Hobby Lobby)
  • Bins full of 175 gold chargers (normally $1.50 a piece), 15 gold frames, 30 gold votives, 3 gold vases, 5 glass lanterns, 6 glass jars, a “Mr. and Mrs. sign” and a “love” sign all for $325

You get the idea…join now! And if you don’t live in Missouri, chances are there are similar groups for your area.



2 thoughts on “The Mecca of Wedding Decor Deals

    1. I actually purchased the Mr. & Mrs. sign off another bride that used it in her wedding. I found it through online Facebook groups that sells wedding decor. There’s all kinds of them for different areas depending on where you live. Just searching “Wedding Resale (Enter City Name).” The light up bar sign I purchased from Michael’s. Hope that helps!


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