OPI–Obvious Polish Investment

Yes, I am fully aware the O.P.I. does not stand for that. Actually in full transparency, I had no idea what O.P.I. stood for. Clearly, I had to Google it. Today I learned my favorite nail polish company actually stands for Odontorium Products Inc. and was originally a small dental company. Who knew? Also while doing some research, I got completely sidetracked because I have always been so intrigued with O.P.I. names. Turns out, this lady has a huge part in that. Super jealous.

Anyways, the reason why I am gushing about my favorite brand of nail polish is because I have discovered the answer to keeping your freshly blinged out hand looking great without breaking the bank. O.P.I. has a line called “Infinite Shine” that was created to be the step between classic nail polish and gel nail polish. When I can, I indulge in getting manicures at the salon and polished with gel, but let’s face it…the upkeep can get expensive!

I stumbled across this polish at Riversong Spa. I impulse bought it as a gift for a friend who recently got engaged only to opt for sending her a personalized bar necklace with her wedding date etched into it. The nail polish sat on my shelf for a couple of weeks until I decided to test it out. And wow, was I shocked.

I am currently rocking To Infinity & Blue-Yond while typing this blog. You can see it is beginning to chip a little, but that’s after 6 days of wearing it, a complete house cleaning and multiple trips to the gym. Conclusion? This stuff is awesome!

eteranlly turquoise 2

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…literally. The bottles are labeled with numbers. And priced at $10.50-$12.50 a bottle, you can get countless wears out of it for a fraction of the salon price. Also, check out Ulta.com to get the base layer and top coat for a discounted price!

Happy Manicuring!

nail painting


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