Themes: Go Big or Go Home

Creating a theme for a party is not something that should be taken lightly. You don’t want your party to flop, so incorporate your theme from start to finish. Do your guests notice your theme upon arrival? Does your food and beverage correspond or compliment your theme? Did you ask guests to dress up? Are you sending them home with memories of your party through take-home gifts or photos from a DIY photo booth?

This probably won’t come as a shocker to many of you…I love themed parties! Each year, Ryan and I host a Christmas party, and each year we have had a new theme:

ugly sweater

Year One: Ugly Christmas Sweaters


Year Two: Christmas Morning Pajamas

redneck Year Three: Redneck Christmas

This past year we were the most successful incorporating the theme and even had a baby pool full of beer, a beef jerkey platter and Solo cup Christmas lights.

speakeasyAnd just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t make the party a success! In January, I helped our membership director host our members’ appreciation party, which we promoted with as a speakeasy (using the 1920s building as inspiration for the event. We decided to spend the bulk of our budget on food and rented casino tables for entertainment, so we went a little cheaper on the decorations.

wantedCurrent artwork was covered with craft paper and “WANTED” posters, which offered rewards for turning staff in.

Guests were directed where to go using chalkboards, and the entryway was jazzed up using old trunks and empty bottles covered in brown paper bags and tied with string.

Cocktail tables had cards and poker chips strewn on them (all supplies we already had).
And the guests got a kick out of having to tell the doorkeeper a password in order to be let in. password

Don’t be shy when it comes to out-of-the-box themes or costume ideas. My college days were filled with everything themed party imaginable, and there were quite some creative ideas including a Pilgrims and Indians pub crawl, What I Don’t Want to be When I Grow Up Party and a Rubik’s Cube Theme….believe me, you can come up with ideas for any theme.



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