I Can’t Keep Calm, I’m Getting Married

Recently, I have been to a couple of doctors with some medical issues, specifically headaches, neck pressure, etc. At each and every appointment I heard the exact same thing: “It’s probably stress. You are getting married after all.”

Now don’t get me wrong…there are some pretty stressful instances during wedding planner when there’s pressure to make decisions, however, I do this for a living. I see lots of weddings, work with lots of brides and have practically met every vendor in town. I’m pretty sure I got this.

As far as I’m convinced, this has nothing to do with stress. However, through these conversations with doctors, it has occurred to me that there are lots of brides out there who experience an immense amount of stress during wedding planning. Whether it’s the pressure of making so many decisions, mothers with conflicting views or even not wanting all that attention, wedding planning can be stressful.

Here are a couple tips I share with my brides and have to remind myself from time to time:

Sleep On It: If you’re meeting with a vendor or looking at linen fabric swatches, decisions don’t need to be made right there and then. That is unless you waited until the last minute. If you really aren’t sure at the moment, tell whomever you are working with that you will come back. Sleep on it for a night and see where your head and heart are in the morning. A clear mind can make all the difference.

Enjoy The Process: If you’re not a wedding planning kind of girl, trust the details to someone else. Don’t force yourself to be involved in a process you don’t enjoy. And if you are all about the planning, make sure the savor the special moments. Your countdown shouldn’t be reminding you that you only have X amount of days left to get things done but rather X amount of days until you get to marry the man of your dreams. Don’t worry about the extra calories at the cake tasting. When else in your life are you going to be surrounded by sugary goodness and be able to call all the shots? And most importantly, don’t let wedding details get between you and family. It’s a time that your mother has been looking forward to since you were born and if grandparents are there to join in the celebration, cherish that time with them.

Treat Yourself: A hot cup of tea and a good book, a long bath or even a professional message can make a world of a difference. Keep in mind that although you feel like there’s so much to do in such a short amount of time, take time for yourself, so you’re not exhausted by the wedding day. My friend Beth also introduced me to one of the greatest products that’s perfect during a little “me” time.

Just Let Go: On the day before the wedding of the day of, don’t be stressing about the small details. This is when I highly recommend a wedding planner. Leave the small details, phone calls and decorating to them or a friend who is not involved in the actual day of the wedding. That’s when you should be enjoying mimosas with your bridesmaids and cherishing those final moments as a single gal.




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