The Sinker: An Essential Person for Pulling Off a Surprise Party

We’ve all heard the expression “hook, line and sinker.” Well, for a surprise party to successfully executed, the sinker is the most important part of the equation. This past weekend my group of friends and I pulled off a pretty awesome surprise party for our friend Emily, who had just finished up her last year of medical school at Mizzou. And thanks to her sister, Hannah, also known as the sinker in this situation, all of the planning and prep happened without even the slightest suspicion.

The Hook
Thanks to some group planning and a fabulous hostess, everything leading up to the party was flawless. The party fell on Easter weekend when Emily would be in town to celebrate the holiday with her family. Alexis, the party hostess, and her made casual plans to meet up after dinner on Saturday evening knowing that people usually don’t have to concrete of plans the day before holidays.

The Line
We ultimately knew Hannah had to play the role of the sinker since everyone else would already be at the party waiting for the grand surprise. Conveniently, Alexis and her boyfriend had recently bought a puppy (and by puppy, I mean rapidly growing, potentially very large Newfoundland). Being the animal lover Hannah is, it seemed natural to invite her along as well the new puppy named Dough.

The Sinker
Hannah knew she would getting off work at 7:00 p.m. That gave us the perfect timeline for the party knowing that she had to go home, change and bring Emily to Alexis’ house. We planned on everyone being at the house between 8:00 and 8:30 with the surprise happening shortly afterward. Being a calm and collected person, Hannah was able to urge Emily when she wanted to have one more glass of wine at home with her mom and dodged questions about there being so many cars on the street with ease. A huge shout out to Hannah, who effortlessly delivered Emily as promised to the front steps of Alexis’ house for their “Doug meeting.”

partyThe Theme
12592630_10206412641817289_5993451079089613168_nA few posts ago, I touched emphasized going big when you have a theme. And let me tell you, we went all out for this one. To organize the party we had a group text messaging going, and once Alexis threw out the hilarious idea to Photo Shop the “Grey’s Anatomy” opener to include all of our faces, the ideas just went crazy from there. Note: The nickname “Milf” comes from Emily’s last name, so hens “Milf’s Anatomy.”

scrubbing inEveryone who attended the party showed up wearing scrubs and tennis shoes and were adorned with medical supplies: stethoscopes, face masks, etc. And everyone openly welcomed the theme even referring to each other as “Dr. So and So” and joking about how we were all “scrubbing in.”

image2The walls were adorned with skeleton cut outs, and the table was covered in a slew of medical and dermatology-related food items. Yes, you can actually make that happen (a cookie cake topped with body parts, thermometer chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate candies shaped into party parts. And we can’t forget about the drinks! Plastic syringes were filled with Jell-O shots, which greeted Emily upon arrival. And Amazon came in handy for ordering a catheter bag, which was filled with wine, and urine sample cups that were used as shot glasses. Yes, we did GO BIG with the theme, and I would say it was an overall success.



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