Picture-Perfect Posing

You guys! I have been unbelievably excited to share this post with you all! For its creation, I partnered with Catherine Rhodes from Catherine Rhodes Photography. Not only is she lovely to work with, but she is also crazy talented and knows a thing or two about how to make you look good.

So, whether you’re taking photos at a family get-together, posing for an event photographer at the next fundraiser you attend or the center of attention in bridal photos, make sure you listen to Catherine’s advice. (I did and boy, you can tell a difference!)

widget_custom_image_1_1452637128(pp_w220_h303)Hi everyone! I’m Catherine with Catherine Rhodes Photography, a wedding and portrait photographer based here in Columbia, Missouri! We’ve been photographing beautiful weddings and portraits for the past nine years and absolutely love what we do. Not only do we get the chance to be a part of so many amazing families lives, but we also know how to rock posing!  Today, we are going to share a few fantastic tips for posing in your own photos! 

First we’ll chat about face shape and tricks to help you look your absolute best when posing for the camera. To begin with,  you’ll want to avoid standing straight on to the camera. Most people’s face shapes look best when at an angle. Along with a slight angle, you can create a longer chin by simply pulling your chin forward and down. If that is confusing, think of a turtle and how their head moves. Pulling your chin out and then slightly down will also help create a longer neck line. And don’t forget to smile, everyone loves a smile!

ColumbiaMissouriPortraitSession_CatherineRhodesPhotography_0070Next, we’ll chat about posing your body in photos. In the first photo, Kristi is standing straight on to us creating a straight line with her body and losing her beautiful shape. If you angle your body to the left or the right and pop your front knee, you’ll help accentuate you natural shape and bring your face closer to the camera, as that should be the main focus. After you have those two things down, you’ll want to bring your face toward your shoulder, again creating that nice long line by pulling your chin forward and down. Finally, you can create even more shape by moving your arm away from your body and creating a space by your side. That way, your arm and your side don’t mold into one losing your shape entirely.ColumbiaMissouriPortraitSession_CatherineRhodesPhotography_0068After you have these few posing tips down, you’ll want to focus on the angle of the camera. Even if you’re not taking the image, the angle of the camera can drastically effect the outcome of your image and how you’re represented. The best angle for most people is from above, or a higher camera angle looking down at your subject. This pulls your face closer to the camera and creates a cone affect with your body looking slimmer the farther away it is from the camera. 

The bottom two images are photographed at angles that are not best for most individuals but can be used in certain situations. The bottom left image is from straight on, which works really well for tighter cropped or closer images and creating that strong connection between the viewer and the subject. This is also a great camera angle for kids as it makes them feel much more comfortable when you are at their level!

The bottom right image is taken from below, which we use as little as possible as that is an angle that tends to emphasize the lower half of your body and your face is the farthest away. The only time we tend to use this angle is for men and larger scenes where the person or couple is just a small part of the entire image. But for portraits, we’ll stick to straight on or above angles that really flatter our subjects! 


Finally, we love incorporating layers when creating portraits. Adding layers creates texture and adds a little something extra to the image. In the first image, Kristi is surrounded by beautiful white blooms, which really brings your eye straight to her face! And in the second image, Kristi is wearing a cute jacket to add another physical layer to her outfit and change the overall look. Adding physical layers such as jackets, scarves and sleeves can also help with covering up arms if that is not your most favorite part to show off in an image. Her jacket and the white blooms also create a frames around her face, which draws your eye directly into the image!


Well, we hope you learned a little bit about how to position your body in the most flattering ways.  I would like to thank Catherine for all of her words of wisdom and being willing to put up with her model 🙂


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