Bed, Bad and Beyond

As I sat there blankly staring at the invitation, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My friend Molly and I burst into laughter after we realized what I had done. At first, I was so angry with myself as I reviewed the list of people who had looked over the invitation in my head.

There it was staring back at me: a well-designed, already printed, already addressed invitation that steered guests to purchase shower gifts at Bed, Bad and Byound, had I just created a new sex shop? I was mortified about my mistake and briefly contemplated sending them out anyways, but I couldn’t get the thought out of my head of ladies my mother’s age receiving my mistake in the mail.

imageYup, I had officially screwed up invitations that were already purchased and barely a month out for the event, so we were anxious to get them to the guests. But instead of panicking, Molly and I decided to roll with the punches and make these invitations work. Luckily, the registry information was located at the very bottom of the invite, which allowed me to trim each invitation by about 1/8 of an inch to eliminate the mess up. From there, I designed a separate enclosure card that conmunicatd to guests where the couple was registered.

Now, the story is funny….entertaining if you wish, but at that moment, it was anything but comical. The moral of this blog is everyone makes mistakes, event detail-oriented me. And sometimes you just have to roll with the punches to make everything work.


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