Tea for the Bride to Be

All photography in this post compliments of Prism Photography. 

Alyssa Keel is the owner and photographer behind Prism Photography. She and I went to middle school and high school together, and I have loved watching her photography business grow as we stay connected via social media. Recently, she threw a bridal shower for her friend Hailey, which conveniently coordinated with a theme my friend Brenda and I had used at the country club’s Mother’s Day brunch. Vintage tea parties must be trending! And her party was such a success I could help but share it with you all.

View More: http://prismphotography.pass.us/haileysbridaltea I instantly fell in love with Alyssa’s theme execution through her beautiful photos that she captured on the shower day. But behind the smiling faces of the guests and perfectly staged decorations, stands the true meaning of friendship. Alyssa and Hailey have been friends since they were 2 years old.

“We grew up next door, and we literally did (still do!) everything together,” Alyssa says. “Hailey has always dreamed of being an author, and she’s always been an outstanding writer. She is my own personal comedian never caring what other’s think of her. Something I admire so deeply.”

So when Alyssa dreamt up an “Alice in Wonderland” theme for Hailey’s shower, the combination of fun adult tea party with literary touches was born. Take a look at all the fun…

View More: http://prismphotography.pass.us/haileysbridaltea

Each guest began their party experience by selecting a teacup and saucer of their choice. Alyssa had been collecting them from thrift stores and secondhand stores for almost eight months prior to the day (gotta love a girl who plans ahead!). The teacups were dual purposed as glassware for guests to enjoy hot tea, coffee, lemonade or a moscato punch, as well as served as their take-home gift.

Tables were draped in lace curtains used as tablecloths, and delicate platters, tea pots and vintage books were arranged as centerpieces and end table decor. My favorite addition was the Scrabble letters spelling out “Bride to Be”  and “Future Mrs. Walk” among the other decor details.

View More: http://prismphotography.pass.us/haileysbridaltea
View More: http://prismphotography.pass.us/haileysbridaltea

Another sweet detail was the Victorian keys attached to paper tags, which guests used to write “Keys to a Happy Marriage” for the future Mr. and Mrs.

View More: http://prismphotography.pass.us/haileysbridaltea

Clearly, the future bride was pleasantly surprised, and it looked like all the guests had a blast. Hats of to Alyssa for all of her hard work and planning, which came together beautifully. And I wish all the best to the future Mr. and Mrs. Walk! #walktogether611
View More: http://prismphotography.pass.us/haileysbridaltea


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