Showering Alyssa With Love

You guys! It’s officially here. Not just wedding season at work, but wedding season for my family! Aside from my bridal shower earlier this spring, my sister and I have been quietly working away on our big days. And this past weekend, we were able to celebrate Alyssa with a shower to kick-off her wedding festivities.

The greatest thing about it all was that it was truly a joint effort. Alyssa’s best friend and Maid of Honor was the hostess with the mostest (yes, that’s really the best way to describe her). I helped with the decorations and prizes, my cousin put together the games, my sister created the invitations….you get the idea.

And this shower is proof that thanks to technology, you can have multiple people collaborating on a shower using email, text messages and photos to develop a theme, create decorations and execute a menu and timeline. Here are a couple pics from the day’s event.

The venue my younger sister, Katie, and Gina selected was perfect. It was a hotel that had recently been renovated and had a gorgeous venue space that was both modern yet simplistic. It really complimented the color scheme of the shower, which was purples, pinks and greens with black and silver accents. image2 (1)

Although originally we wanted the shower to take place outside to really enhance our garden tea party feel, with the number of guests we had, it really wasn’t suitable. And we lucked out big time since there was a short down pour right as the reception was starting…dodged that bullet…phew!

Instead, we decided to use a mixture of florals displayed in tin pails and lanterns for centerpieces. Gina also learned the important difference between dry and wet floral foams!

Each table also displayed a different fun fact about the couple, so any guests that had met Tony and Alyssa later on in their relationship knew some fun things about their early relationship.

image3Since the menu was pretty simple and consisted of some delicious appetizers, including melon prosciutto skewers, mini BLTs and a cheese board, and a garden salad for lunch, we opted out of a printed menu at each place. Instead, Katie created a “Get To Know the Bridal Party” card with information about Alyssa and Tony’s wedding since it is a destination wedding. They matched the invitation perfectly. Also, we included edible take home gifts that were floral cookies created by Gina’s super talented friend, Kristen, created.

image1Now can we talk about the cakes? As if we didn’t already have a slew of talented people working on the event, Alyssa and Gina’s friend Lauren came swooping in with the most adorable cakes. I didn’t event want to eat them, but I also know how delicious Lauren’s cakes. That definitely helped when we had to slice through these works of art. 13315654_10105344608523557_8656146683298319189_n

13332902_10153768927775914_6423902342586706344_nAnd of course our cousin Mandy did a fabulous job with the games. Although her school year with her kiddos had ended just days before, she was back to teacher mode giving instructions. And my favorite part was my Aunt Sue who decided to play the game using lipstick since we were down a pen…how innovative!

It was such a fun afternoon celebrating with friends and family. I can’t wait until July when the bachelorette party and California wedding take place! Until then, I will keep you posted on my Instagram: @kristi_uncorked.




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