Unplugged Ceremonies

Photo courtesy of B.B. Photography

More and more, I have seen the trend of “unplugged ceremonies.” What exactly is the purpose of this you might ask? The reason is because nobody wants to see proofs of their gorgeous wedding photos with a bunch of cell phones (or worse…tablets) popping up on either side of the bride and groom as they recess down the aisle.

Photo courtesy of KatFour Photo
Photo courtesy of KatFour Photo

Cell phones are just part of our everyday world now, so many people don’t even consider it a distraction or think they hinder a wedding ceremony at all. But aside from the halfway decent cell phone photos that you might be able to snap during a ceremony, it opens Pandora’s box for all the other things it can do. Who wants a cell phone ringing in the middle of their ceremony on accident? Or worse, the loud vibration noise as it rests on a seat causing even more distraction.

A lot of parents use phones and tablets as entertainment for young ones, which I am not against at all. Maybe just not during a wedding ceremony? I have vivid memories of playing with Polly Pockets during church on Sundays, so why not a quiet toy instead? And call me old fashioned, but especially if your ceremony is in a place of worship, I don’t think cell phones should even be out. Period.

I fully support all brides with these unplugged wishes, and I know the professional photographers and videographers will thank you too!


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