Size Up Your Space

When it comes to decorating for an event, there are a number of things you want to consider about your venue before choosing a color scheme and theme:

  1. Coloring of the space: Make sure the colors you select aren’t conflicting with the color palette of the room. It’s often common for hotels to have crazy carpeting selections, so maybe choose a softer color scheme to offset the loud print. Or, if the banquet chairs in a space are a particular shade, select complimenting colors instead of a color that is going to conflict with the chair color.
  2. Time of year: If it’s the middle of the hottest summer in history (like now), you want to stay away from a cozy and warm colors. Especially if it’s for a wedding, select a color pallet that is either classic or compliments the season. If you are drawn more toward bright and airy colors, choose a spring or summer date. If you’re drawn to darker more luscious colors, the fall or winter might be the best time for you.
  3. Size of the space: This is the one I try and focus on the most. Even if you have gorgeous centerpieces or a really creative mantel display, it’s going to look awfully silly if it’s proportionally a lot smaller or larger than the space.

So today, I wanted to focus on size and shapes of a room. Don’t work against your space; utilize height and unique architecture to accentuate the space. For example, one of my favorite parts about the ballroom and the country club is the domed ceilings. The photographers love it, and highlighting the space with uplighting and patterns draws your eye up to the elegant architecture:


The lighting above was designed by SW Productions, who utilized the archway to add some texture to a retirement celebration.


Or like this photo above captured by Lollipop Photography (now Pop Wedding Photography!). This couple added a fun splash of purple to enhance a neutral color scheme for an early spring wedding ceremony.

In spaces with such high ceilings like this, it’s also important to think about the shape and height of your decorations. If you have a lot of small items on the mantels and short centerpieces, the gap between the ceiling and your tables/mantels is going to feel much larger than it really is. Instead, alternate your centerpieces to draw the eye up.


Photo compliments of Silverbox Photography

0548 (1)

Photo compliments of Moonshadow Studio

This ceremony below took place on the veranda, which already has a gorgeous, rich wood color and lots of architectural elements. So why not include those aspects into the decor and add some softer elements that incorporate the romantic feel of the wedding while adding some natural elements like the moss and flowers.


And even if the space isn’t enclosed, for example with an outdoor venue, create a little more intimacy by making boundaries. In this photo below, the couple was wed outside, but the gorgeous altar design created an intimate space for the couple and the officiant.


Photo compliments of Catherine Rhodes Photography

And don’t forget about empty spaces. Those are usually where the details are noticed the most! In the photo below, the couple filled some of the empty entryway with signage and a collection of candles and greenery. It was definitely noticed by guests!

Jacquelyn Bair & Connor Price Wedding

Photo compliments of Scott Patrick Myers Photography


And here’s one of my personal favorites! There is a small nook in the entry hallway at the club, so this DIY bride created a toasting station. Upon arrival, guests were asked to take a complimentary champagne Jell-O shot as a toast to the bride and groom (grape juice was also served for the kiddos). Cheers! 11825793_796964660416807_2740641235281109874_n


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