Cheers to Creativity!

Photograph above compliments of B. B. Photography

When you’re in that phase of your life wheen everyone under the sun is getting married, sometimes the wedding celebrations do get a little repetitive, or I hate to say it, stale. But a good friend of mine has made it very clear how easy it is to add a little creativity and spunk to a bridal shower to create an unforgettable event.

Her sister’s bridal shower was not only a surprise, but she incorporated it into the bachelorette party weekend, so guests only had to travel one time. So smart, right? Especially when you have girlfriends flying or driving long distances, why not kill two birds with one stone?

And in addition to the surprise, the theme was not only unique but absolutely adorable! Her sister is a big runner and was actually proposed to by her fiance during a run. So, Nancy and her other sister decided to do a marathon theme for the shower. They used punny wording, including the “race to the altar” and even created these adorable race number invitations.


And what sparked this blog post was the theme for my own bridal shower this past weekend. She and a few of my girlfriends got together to plan not only a thoughtful but hilarious bridal shower. The theme? McDonald’s. Ok, the back story helps a bit. My fiance and his family are franchise owner of McDonald’s, so the theme was awfully fitting. Byy tag-teaming with Brenda, a co-worker of mine, they were able to throw me the shower at my workplace without knowing a single detail.

Photograph compliments of B. B. Photography.

They went all out making sure the golden arches were well-represented in the space, and they not only included the McDonald’s classics but also made sure to add Kristi touches.

For our menu, we noshed on mini burger sliders, french fries and chicken tenders. And of course, you can’t forget the sauces!

Photograph compliments of B. B. Photography.
Photograph compliments of B. B. Photography.

And since I am a lover of ice cream, we finished off the meal with a Make Your Own McFlurry complete with the original cups and those infamous McFlurry spoons.

I must say, however, my favorite part of the event was the take-home gift they sent with all the guests. They created “Happily Ever After Meals” in adorable little boxes that contained bath salts and a candle “from Kristi’s shower to yours.”


Every aspect of the shower was carefully thought out, and I truly appreciated all the hard work, creativity and planning that went into the shower. I truly cannot wait to celebrate with all of these ladies at the wedding in a few short weeks. Cheers to being on Instagram with a bunch of cheeseburgers #imlovingit #McRuprecht




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