The Bridal Experience

I’ve gotten this question a lot lately: What did you not know ahead of time or learn as a bride instead of a planner? And to be totally honest, the biggest thing I learned was to listen to myself. Let me explain…

Each bride I work with, I reminder her of little things throughout the planning process and on the big day. And I wish I would have taken this advice to heart.

Make Sure You Eat Throughout The Big Day
Really? Did you not think I took this advice to heart? Of course I made sure I ate. I love good food. Period. And I made sure that the last thing I drank before I walked down the aisle was water. There’s nothing worse than feeling light headed in front of a group of people, especially when nerves or emotions are running high.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate.
I am sure it’s shocking to people that I had a hard time delegating. Even if you’re used to being in charge of every last detail, your wedding day is one day you MUST delegate. Your job is to be enjoying mimosas with your girlfriends and smiling for the camera, not stressing about if the correct votives are at the right tables. Here are a few jobs that I recommend putting someone who is not directly involved with the wedding in charge of:

-Loading up and taking the gifts home: Have someone who is reliable and wants a small part in the wedding to be in charge of the gifts. I usually recommend loading up the gifts after the formalities of the day are finished and the party is getting started. If you don’t have someone to take the gifts, at least make sure someone puts the cards in a locked location. Not that it would happen, but everyone knows cards at weddings are usually filled with moolah, so wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

-Bridal attendant: I kind of laughed at my mom when she suggested I have a bridal attendant. “What an outdated concept,” I thought to myself. Had I not had a bridal attendant (or two), there would have been a lot more things that stressed me out the day of the wedding. Gina and Brooke made my day so easy that I was able to relax and really enjoy the moments. They brought us coffee in the morning, they found the sign the ring bearers were supposed to carry that went MIA, etc.


And yes, I love them so much I posted this awful photo of me mid getting my hair done 🙂

-Making day-of payments: This is actually a job I gave one of my bridal attendants since there was two of them. A few of the vendors don’t get paid until the wedding day (baker, musicians, etc.), so I went ahead and put any tips or payments in individual envelopes with the appropriate name on the outside of the envelope. That way, it was easy for Gina to hand out the correct tips and payments.

-Decorating crew: If you aren’t able to get into your venue before the day of the wedding, I highly recommend having a designated individual who is in charge of decorating. A crew of helpers is great, but you really do need one person who knows what goes where. Go over your decor ahead of time and explain where you would like everything to go. But also make sure to choose someone to be in charge of this who you trust. If things should need to be adjusted or setup has to slightly change, make sure you have someone at the venue representing you that you trust to make similar decisions as you would.

Do Your Absolute Best To Get Around To Talk To Everyone
On wedding day, you will be attempting to fit a lot of things in. I wanted to make sure that in lieu of everything else, I was able to enjoy some time on the dance floor with my guests. And I did because Ryan and I made sure to focus on talking to all our guests early in the night. As soon as we were finished eating, we started making our rounds. We ended up posting up near the buffet line for a bit and got to chat with a lot of guests as they were waiting in line. It not only allowed us to talk to each guest, but it also kept them entertained while they waited in line. The bride and groom are the starts of the show after all.

Take It All In
Yes, everyone is correct. Your wedding day flies by. So I decided to focus on the little things and really experience each part of the day. When I was getting ready with my sisters, girlfriends and mom, I paid more attention to people’s laughs and took extra long sips of coffee. At the ceremony, I thought about each word as my aunt said the first reading. And at the reception, I focused on the ambiance of the room and the energy that was coming from the guests. I know it sounds cheesy, but focusing on my senses really helped me enjoy and experience each part of the day.



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