Make An Impression

As much as I hate to admit it, sometimes the weddings I help coordinate do blur together. When you are averaging a wedding every other week (and then some) in the same room with roughly the same setup and roughly the same guest count, some things do tend to get a little repetitive.

And this is why I love the small, or sometimes, rather big touches that brides and groups incorporate into their big days. It adds a little personality and uniqueness to their day.

“Friends” Theme Photo Booth
I loved this idea in particular because it was actually a surprise for the bride from the groom (precious, I know). As a huge fan of the show “Friends,” Rachel (not Green :)) included a few “Friends” references into their wedding day. I picked up on it as soon as I saw their cake topper, which read, “You’re My Lobster.” So when Trever asked me to help pull of a surprise photo booth for Rachel, I was all in. And thanks to the creativeness and help of J. Kelly Photo & Photo Booth, Trever was able to surprise his bride to be and even brought her to tears of excitement.


Photos courtesy of J. Kelly Photo & Photo Booth.

fullsizerenderOne of my personal favorite additions to a wedding is the talented Cindy Scott, owner and painter at TooRooster Artistry. I was initially introduced to Cindy at a wedding show last year. And to be totally honest, I was a little skeptical of her idea. I guess I had to see it in action for myself. This year, I have had the pleasure of experiencing her multiple times at weddings live painting. And wow, was I blown away! It’s such a unique and cool addition to the big day not only for the guests but for the couple as well. While the reception (or whatever event you would like her to depict) happens, she paints away and creates a masterpiece throughout the entirety of the event. Guests find it cool to check in on the piece as it’s being created, and the final product is a beautiful memento for the couple to take home with them!

Here is an example of her finished product completed at a wedding last weekend:


Photo courtesy of Cindy Scott. 

Sometimes there can be special loved ones missing from a big wedding day. It can be a difficult thing on not only the bride or groom but also their family and guests. At a recent wedding at the club, Kylie had lots her mom to cancer. As a big part of Kylie’s life, her and her now husband, Evan, put a lot of special touches into their day to honor Kylie’s mom. This “Sandy Special” was probably one of my favorites.


Although not a super popular drink, it was a lighthearted way to remember Sandy and have guests enjoy her favorite cocktail. Cheers, Sandy!

And last is a fun little idea that I actually have to give total credit to my husband for. When we were making our wedding plans, the topic of cake kept re-emerging as a detail we just weren’t putting that much emphasis on. Turns out, neither of us thought the cake was that special beyond the traditional cake cutting.

However, my husband knows how much I LOVE ice cream, so he ran into Jason Holbrook, owner of Eagle Scoop in Ashland, at a festival and asked him a small favor. And walah! We had an ice cream truck roll up in the park lot for our guests after dinner was finished. It was a huge hit and a fun added touch!


Now this would normally be where I would add in a cute photo of my husband and I feeding each other ice cream in front of the truck on our wedding day, but unfortunately we don’t have our wedding photos back. Just giving you a hard time, Casey. I know you and the rest of the D Squared crew are working hard 🙂


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