An Event Planner’s Emergency Kit

You can only imagine the random supplies I get asked for when hosts and hostesses are anxiously preparing for an event. Although I might not have everything guests ask for, I keep the following items on hand for when the need arises.

These always seem to grow legs and walk off, but they are crucial when you have a roomful of candles to create a romantic glow at a wedding or need a quick flame for birthday candles.

Stick Pins
I most often use them for pinned up linens to give a room a more formal look, but they also come in handy for floppy boutonnieres or to fix an unseamed hem or dress that is too long.

If I had a dollar for each time I was asked for a pair of scissors, I would be a millionaire.

I am a heels girl through and through, but when I have a long day or lots of set-up to do for an event, flats are a necessity! Plus, they come in handy when weather isn’t exactly on your side. It’s not fun to be sinking into damp grass as you watch a ceremony take place of are trying to shuffle across any icy parking lot because you so graciously parked in the back and let the guests park up closer to the venue.

Granola Bar or Small Snack
I attest to often times “forgetting to eat” on busy days. For someone who really loves food, it does seem hard to believe. But when you’re doing a lot of orchestrating and working straight through a meal, a small snack can be a real lifesaver. It can be that boost of energy you need to get through the last few hours or save a bride from feeling faint right before her ceremony.

Floral Wire
This seems a little bit random, but after working on a DIY project at home, I threw floral wire into my desk as a “this might come in handy someday” item. And you would be shocked how many times it has been used. It’s malleable to be able to twist it and use it in small places but sturdy enough to hold some weight and durable enough to last through the course of an event. Plus, it can easily be cut with scissors instead of needing wire cutters.

Fine Point Sharpie
It can take the place of a generic pen for a guestbook; it’s fine enough to be able to create an on-the-fly escort card without sticking out too much in comparison to the printed font; and it can be used to label supplies, so yours don’t get mixed in with rentals or to mark alcohol bottles to decipher what you paid for and what was there to begin with.

Spray Deodorant
There’s nothing less sexy than being able to smell the odor of a groom who has been nervously perspiring in his suit or having to run around outside in the sweltering heat to make a last-minute change to the set-up of an event. Spray deodorant has come in handy multiple times! By using it myself, I feel refreshed before guests arrive to an event, even if I’ve been there all day. It has been a lifesaver for a bridesmaid who forgot to pack hers. And it’s even doubled as air freshener when someone has used the facilities and created a stink right before guests arrive to the party.


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