All Falling Into Place

When you throw a surprise party, you as the host are always more suspicious that the guest of honor suspects something than they are. A few weekends ago, I threw a surprise 30th birthday for the hubs, and I played the anxious, nervous role to a T! I wasn’t so much anxious about the party itself since it was a casual get together at our house, but I was anxious about Ryan finding out and the details not all coming together.


Somehow, most likely thank you to my wonderful friends and family who assisted me in the process, we were able to pull it off without a slip up! Here’s how it all went down.

Ryan made me promise I would not throw him a surprise party (oopsies!) But my original plan was to rent out a space in Columbia that had pool tables since Ryan loves to play pool. Well, the more I looked into it, it seemed silly to throw a bunch of money into a room rental fee when instead, it could go toward buying a pool table for our own house.

img_0441So, I strategically spent time researching pool tables, and without Ryan having any idea, purchased a custom pool table for our home. Then, I sent out digital invites (to make sure guests could easily contact me and I wouldn’t have a paper trail), and the party was born! The recipe for the perfect Ryan party was a chill atmosphere, AKA our home (which is what made me feel ok about breaking the surprise rule because at least it wasn’t in public), throw in some of Ryan’s favorite foods, some entertainment and a whiskey tasting, and walah! The perfect 30th birthday for my hubs.

My wonderful mom and sister were able to come in town img_0443for the shindig, so we told Ryan they were just coming to visit and see the house since they hadn’t been there since we moved in. On Saturday night, we told him that his family was coming over for cocktails and appetizers, and he believed the whole thing.

The real help were a group of friends who convinced Ryan to meet up with them after work for a few drinks since one of his friends was in town. That was the key piece to keeping him out of the house while we decorated, food prepped….oh yeah and had a pool table installed in our basement.

Ryan came home Saturday night expecting to find his nephews and his brother-in-law in the basement only to find a big group of his friends and family there to celebrate his big 3-0 and a brand new pool table, which I have had the privilege of playing with him every. single. night. At least he was surprised and appreciative, right? That’s a success in my book. Happy Birthday, Ry!



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