High Speed Low Drag

I was sitting in my hairstylist’s chair this past Friday catching up on the last eight weeks of each others’ lives since we had last seen each other, and she mentioned the term “High Speed Low Drag.” This is a military term meaning very efficient.

This term resonated with me because I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection on my work habits, how I interact with other colleagues, how I manage staff, etc. It’s funny how others perceive you, and this sounds bizarre, but my entire life people have commented on the way I walk. Not only is it loud (those of you who work with me can attest to how it sounds on the hardwood floors), but it’s always with a purpose. And I believe my walk reflects the way I work (actually, I used this as a way to describe myself today). I’ve always told people “I have one speed,” which meant that I walk at the speed that I work, think, do, etc.

Sometimes this high-speed mentality can work against me because I cruise through life’s little moments and, often, I have to remind myself to enjoy not only the destination but the process that gets you there. This mentality circles back to my 2018 Word of the Year, which is Presence. I continually find myself thinking three steps ahead. I mean, you kind of have to as a planner and a mama.  But some of the most beautiful moments are in the slow times or the quiet atmospheres.

So, I have decided that for the rest of the year, I am going to focus on a healthy balance of two things: presence in my personal life and high speed low drag in my professional life. Outside work, I am going to cherish the time spent with friends and family, enjoy the scenery a little bit more and say no things that make me constantly utter the word “busy.” And during work, I am going to keep a kicking butt and taking names with a full speed ahead attitude. What are you goals to being your best self? I’d love to hear them from you!



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