Product Pick: Loopy Case

First things first, I am not a pop socket kind of girl. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I just have never liked them. But then, my friend and co-worker came to work one day with a Loopy case. She raved about how cute the patterns were and how convenient it was for her when she was chasing after two little kids, and I was intrigued.

Then, I kept seeing them pop up more and more on blogs I followed or I would notice random strangers having them.

I kept debating if I should make the plunge and purchase the $35 phone case. It seemed a bit excessive, and with my 9-month old who loves to toss my phone, I was insistent on keeping my Otter Box.

But then my sweet friend bought me the case as a going away present, and y’all…this phone case is a game changer! I have had it all of three days, and I’m obsessed! You can still hang onto it even with full hands, it’s super comfortable to hold, and you won’t drop it on your pour child’s face when taking a selfie (I hate to admit it, but yes I did that with my old phone case…worst Mom EVER!)

Check out all the fun case options they have here, and thanks to blogger Lauren McBride, you can get a 10% discount with coupon code LAUREN10.


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