Thank Goodness for Eazy-E

Photo source: Genius

Alright, I’m sharing a mom fail here. Or maybe it’s not a mom fail because it works? Regardless, it’s not a proud mama moment. Our sweet little Parker does have the occasional freak out. It’s usually related to gas or tiredness, but sometimes we just can’t shake whatever is bothering her.

We aren’t quite sure how we discovered this magical trick. I think it’s because Ryan raps when he’s walking around the house and makes up new words for rap songs about Parker. But what we can’t figure out is why she is so particular about one song choice: Real Muthaph***in’ G’s. Yes, I wish I was kidding. No, I am not.

So, I admit. I occasionally let my 4th month old daughter listen to the unedited version of Eazy-E’s song (Don’t worry, we tried to find the karaoke version, and it still has swearing in the background, so not much better…). She can be absolutely freaking out and by the time the song gets to the first beat transition, she’s silent. It’s quite hilarious actually. At first, I thought it was just a coinsidence, but we’ve tried it with other music and rap songs, and she likes straight up ’90s gangster rap. Who knew my daughter would appreciate that!

Stay tuned to my Instagram to see the the magic happen for yourself: @kristi_uncorked.


This or That: Online RSVP or Snail Mail RSVP

I get this question all the time! Is it acceptable to choose to do online RSVPS? On this one, I am going to get straight to the point.

Non-Wedding Celebrations:
Go for the digital option or the old-fashioned telephone. Unless it’s a crazy large party, these RSVPs are easy to control. Some people are even open to text reservations depending on how small or intimate the event might be.

Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions:

Photo compliments of Catherine Rhodes Photography.

I’m old school on this one, which is rare since I am completely OK with brides and grooms not following tradition. I feel that these days, it’s completely up to you which traditions you would like to include and which ones you don’t. But on RSVPs, my vote is to go the traditional route.

I know it’s increases the price of your invitation suite and increases the amount of postage you need an ultimately increases the total cost, but for a formal even that only (hopefully) takes place once in your life, I think a handheld, paper RSVP is necessary. If you spend all this money on a beautiful handmade, calligraphy inscribed invitation, spending the extra money on the mail-in paper RSVP is necessary. There are other areas you can cut costs or be more financially cautious, but in my opinion this is not the place.

The Girl With A Different Plan

I make plans for a living. Each and every event I coordinate has a set-up plan and a pre-planned menu and a timeline and plan for the back-up plan. Pretty much all I do is plan!

So, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that for the birth of my daughter, I had a very set plan in mind. (Don’t worry, this birth story doesn’t get too graphic.) She was going to come exactly on her due date because that’s how Mom does things, and I was going to have a vaginal birth and was fully prepared to have an epidural. As much as the nurse in our birth class encouraged us to keep an open mind, I was focused in on my birth plan.

Sure enough, 39 weeks came along, and my doctor asked me about a plan should we go past her due date. Of course, I was thrilled to have that conversation,  but I had a feeling she would be here on, if not before, her due date. WRONG. Her due date came and went, and on the 15th of November, I was admitted into the hospital to be induced.

I shook that off because at least we were starting my back up plan. This was a pre-discussed option that my husband and I and doctor had talked about in great lengths. Everything was going to be just as I imaged it within the last week…until we found out Parker was OP (in the occiput posterior position), which meant she was facing up instead of down. My doctor warned me it was going to be hard to get her to come out in that position, but I was determined! Because that was the plan.

So I pushed and I pushed and I pushed for over an hour before her heart rate started to drop and my doctor explained to me that I could keep pushing, and there would be the possibility of me having to be rushed down the hall to the operating room, or we could decide then to have a c-section, and I could very calmly be walked down the hallway.

At that moment, my plan exploded. It got thrown completely out the window because never in a million years did I plan on having a c-section. However, I knew that’s exactly what I needed to do to ensure a safe delivery of our little one. So there I laid in what looked like the set of Grey’s Anatomy with a team of doctors around me and looking at my husband, I tried so hard to hold back tears. During the past 9 months of my life, I had a vision of how this day was supposed to go (well, technically 2 days prior since we surpassed her due date), and this wasn’t it.

When you have a baby, you are taught so much about this new human being: what they like and don’t like, what makes them happy, what makes them angry, what types of products they prefer, what facial expressions mean certain things, etc.

But on that day, my little girl taught me the most important lesson of all. Starting that day, she taught me to let go of my fears and be OK with no plan. As perfect and polished as things can be with a plan, it’s the unplanned that make life so special. It’s those random winter days that Columbia is supposed to get yet another ice storm and daycare is closed that allow you to have a surprise day at home in your jammies together. It’s the frustrating moments when you’re running late for work and she decides to poop right after you have her in the car seat but that also make you giggle because of course it would happen that way. It’s the Saturday mornings when Dad brings his to-go mug of coffee into her room to play with the two of you because he decided his crew can take care of things and he’s not going into work.

These. These are the moments that I will look back on when I’m old and sitting on my back porch enjoying a nice sunset. These unplanned days will be the days we will joke about with her at her wedding. These are the days that contain irreplaceable memories, and the best part will be they were all unplanned.

This or That: Pacifier or Thumb Sucker

Dum, dum, dum…the dreaded debate! I will admit. I was adamant about making sure Parker got hooked on a paci (our term for pacifier) over her thumb. I’ve heard horror stories about thumb sucking children whose teeth were all jacked up or took serious bribing to stop the bad habit.

I have vivid memories of my younger sister getting bribed with a light-up, singing electric toothbrush when we were younger if she was able to stop sucking her thumb. Our mom put it on the top shelf in the bathroom closet, so she could see it, and it could be used as motivation for her to stop. That was after the finger nail polish remover and putting her hands in gloves…nothing was working! Alas, the toothbrush did the trick.

Even before Parker arrived, I felt like I was getting everyone’s opinions about this thrown at me. First, it was our birth class telling us that pacifiers confused breastfeeding babies and it should be introduced weeks after they are born. Then we were given an abundance of free pacifiers at the hospital (the same people who told us not to introduce them yet…). And as soon as she arrived, we found her sneaking her thumb in her mouth. Everyone was giving us the “don’t let her do that speech.” What’s a parent to do?

So on a united front, Ryan and I decided that we wanted her to suck on a paci. You can throw away a paci but not exactly get rid of a thumb, right? That was our argument. Plus, the looming need for braces in her future (since I wore braces myself) haunted me in my sleep. And it worked…to start. Parker got hooked on the paci. But not just any paci. It was a paci saga there for a while. She didn’t like any of the usual brands: no Philips or Avent or even the Wubbanub was good enough for little Miss P. She got hooked in the Nip brand pacifier, not to be confused with Nuk, which are almost impossible to find unless you order them online from Germany (yes, Germany…apparently Parker has expensive taste) or stumble upon them by happenstance at a store who has a specialty shipment in.

So, that was fun trying to chase down enough of those to have one in ever room since you can never find a paci when you need one (thank goodness for Amazon Prime!). And then all of a sudden, the thumb began appearing more and more. First, it was in her sleep, and who could blame her? It was comforting and oh so cute to see her snoozing and sneak it in. Then, she started pushing out her paci and replacing it with her thumb. We fought and fought it until finally we just gave up. Parker is a full-blown thumb sucker!

The girl is actually quite talented. She’ll even try to suck her thumb while nursing! And as much as I thought I would be mortified that she was sucking her thumb, I’ve actually started to like it. Why? First of all, it’s cute. Just the pure innocence of thumb sucking and the nostalgia of my younger sister snuggling her silk-lined blanket with her thumb in her mouth is enough to make me smile.  But the selfish parent in me loves the self-soothing aspect. There’s no crying in the middle of the night because her paci fell out and no clips on her clothing to keep it close when she’s in the car seat. It’s just always readily available.

So if you are a thumb sucking-shaming parent, shame away. I have fully converted into a thumb sucking supporter. What’s your take on the debate? I’d love to hear your argument!

Product Pick: Tory Burch Travel Pouch

First things first! No, I am not a fashion blogger nor am I pretending to be one. I just had to share this product with you all because it’s become an everyday staple in my life whether I’m running around in my Mom jeans with my daughter or running a 300-person event.

My sister got me this pouch for my birthday and at the time, I thought it was cute and could see myself using it when I wanted to add a fun punch of color to an outfit, but now that I don’t have enough hands to carry yet another bag, it has become a MUST HAVE in my wardrobe.

I find myself most frequently using it when I’m running around with Parker. We received this super cute diaper bag for her shower and once I have that, her car seat carrier, my phone and car keys, I’ve run out of hands to also carry a purse with. It’s perfect for popping in the diaper bag because it’s not too big. But it’s decent enough in size to be able to hold all the essentials of a wallet along with my favorite lip gloss, cell phone and hand sanitizer (because with flu season, I just can’t go without it).

I also love it on days when I work weddings or big events. I usually pack a bag in the morning with a change of clothes and makeup for touch ups because let’s be honest, you can’t do event set-up in a dress. So, this is the perfect bag to throw into a larger bag and be ready to go for the whole day.

The one I currently have, I couldn’t find still for sale, but I found a few other options I thought I would share with you. All are at different price points, so you can find one that matches your budget best. Happy shopping!

Turn-lock Envelope Pouch, Tory Burch, $198

Lauren Clutch Wallet, Hobo Bags, $87.80

Zip-Top Charging Wristlet Clutch, Old Navy, $22


This or That: Cocktail Reception or Seated Dinner?

Welcome to the first official This or That post! This mini blog series will feature two different options or controversial topics that I will share my thoughts on and weigh in on the pros and cons. If there’s a topic you ever want me to cover, let me know!

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day and we will be wrapping up engagement season soon, I know a lot of couples are plugging away at reception details. So, today’s This or That topic is hors d’evours reception versus seated dinner.

Usually, there are two determining factors behind deciding on the food service style: price and atmosphere.

If you’re basing your decision solely on your budget, I recommend going with a seated dinner. Most people opt for a hors d’evours reception because they think it’s going to save some money. In actuality, that’s not always the case. If you’re serving food over a traditional mealtime, guests are still going to consume the same amount of food because it’s replacing a meal. Guests could consume even more if they are served buffet style because it encourages grazing versus food being served directly to them.

If price is your determining factor, I would recommend opting for  seated meal and weighing the pros and cons between buffet and plated service instead. This way, your guests are guaranteed to eat a delicious meal, and the caterer should ensure you don’t run out of food. Plus, it keeps the vibe of a traditional wedding reception and creates a more captive audience during dances and speeches.

Photo courtesy of Scott Patrick Myers Photography.

If you’re selecting a service style based on atmosphere, then I would definitely recommend an hor d’evours reception. More and more often I see traditional sit down meals replaced with passed appetizers and food stations. This organically cultivates a mingling atmosphere and encourages guests to move about the space.

Action stations are ideal when you want your event to feel upbeat and interactive. They offer cook-to-order or customizable food options that are prepared in front of you by a chef. Build-your-own taco stations, pasta stations or even sushi stations can be unique adds to your events that will have guests talking about them long after the evening is over. Maybe even think about incorporating brunch options into an evening event with a DIY crepe station. The possibilities are truly endless!

Dipping Into Some Fun

On Sunday, I had a total win at our Super Bowl get together. It was a casual family watch party, but when everyone started chiming in on what they were bringing, I was at a complete loss. Wings, meatballs, buffalo chicken dip….all the classics were there, and I was stumped on my contribution.

Let me mention that as much as I love making parties look pretty and can nail everything coming together, I am no Julia Child in the kitchen. In fact, I tend to stick to basics or hire someone else to do the cooking (but man, can I make a spread of food look good :)).

So after hearing all of the savory deliciousness, I decided I needed to take the sweeter route and bring some sort of dessert. But I wanted it to be a snacky dessert if you will–something that could set out with everything else and still have a laid back feel to it.

Alas, funfetti dip…it was perfect! I had made a variation of this in the past, but it was more of a funfetti cheese ball. This was a yogurt-based dip, which made it slightly (ever so slightly) healthier than the cream cheese version I had made before. By bringing this, I balanced the savory treats, and it was easy to eat, especially with the little ones we had there. And the best part is it’s super easy to make!


-1 box funfetti cake mix
-1.5 cups vanilla yogurt
-2 cups Cool Whip
-1 tsp. vanilla extract
-animal crackers
-Nilla Wafers


Mix together the funfetti cake mix, vanilla yogurt and Cool Whip. Add in the vanilla extract and stir until it has a nice whipped consistency. Garnish with colorful sprinkles and serve chilled with animal crackers and Nilla Wafers.

The cream cheese version of funfetti dip I had made for Easter was also a huge hit, so I’ve included the recipe below for you all to decide which one you like better!


-1.5 cups of funfetti cake mix
-1/2 cup powdered sugar
-3 Tbsp. sugar
-1/2 cup butter
-1 8 oz. package of cream cheese, softened
-Nilla Wafers


In a large bowl, beat together softened cream and butter. Add in the funfetti cake mix, sugar and powdered sugar and beat until well combined. Place mixture in plastic wrap, bring in the corners and form the mixture into a ball surrounded by the plastic wrap. Freeze for 1.5 hours or until the ball keeps its shape. Once firm, roll the ball in sprinkles until it’s completely covered. Serve with Nilla wafers.