The Gift of Gifting

I’ve been told quite a few times that I have a gift. A gift for…gifting if that’s even the way to say it? For lack of better words, I’m a good gift giver. I pride myself on recipients truly enjoying what they receive, and I’m always one to be able to recall someone’s birthday (currently working on getting better at anniversaries)!

I attribute this quality 100 percent to my mother. She always seems to know exactly what to get people for a special occasion, and she spends hours at Hallmark finding the perfect card that accurately describes the person she’s sending it to. I’ve definitely learned from the best 😉

So if you struggle with what to buy people for holidays or find yourself being that forgetful friend, I have a few tricks for you. First and most importantly, I always use the mindset that gifts do not have to be tangible items. For example, a simple handwritten note when someone conquers a challenge or has a rough week means far more than anything money can buy.

But if a tangible gift is much more suitable, here are a few ideas for you:

For the person who has everything….
Ahh these people are the worst! If they want something, they buy it themselves. They leave no options for us to surprise or wow them with the latest and greatest because they already have it. In these instances, I say experiences are best. Think concert tickets, a night out planned totally by you, a sporting event, sign them of for a class, etc. You’re gifting them a memory versus an item.

For the humble at heart….
Make a donation in their honor. If they are a pet lover, make a donation to your local humane society or start a scholarship in their name with a group of individuals. This is also a great route to go with older recipients because, let’s be honest, a lot of older people don’t want to collect anymore stuff.

For almost anyone…
Don’t get them the item they mentioned to you they would like while they were at the mall the other day. Chances, are they will buy it themselves once they have the money for it. Get them something they wouldn’t personally buy. Make them a massage appointment and cover the fee, including tip! Restore a piece of furniture in their home that they’ve been “meaning to do for years.” Or have all of your parents’ home videos transferred from tapes to digital files.

For the practical person….
Think useful luxuries. Pay for a year of Amazon Prime or Netflix subscription for them. Find out what their favorite magazine is and purchase an annual subscription.

For someone sentimental…
Take all their high school or college T-shirts they have saved in a box and have (or make if you’re that talented!) a T-shirt quilt made out of them. Purchase a cute recipe book or card box and fill it with recipes from friends and family. Find the wine that was served at their wedding, and purchase a bottle from the year they were married. The more personalized the idea, the more it will mean to him/her.

Hopefully this post has drummed up a few ideas for the next time you have a gift to give. And who knows. Maybe yours will be their favorite yet!