Let’s Try This Out

I knew this time would come. In fact, when I was naming the blog and brainstorming ideas, I wanted a name that was fun and attributed itself to event planning but was also flexible enough to include other content (shout out to Brenda for being the creative behind the title!) As you can see, the blog has a fresh, updated look and that’s because I’ve decided to expand Kristi Uncorked.

I’ve recently returned to work after maternity leave and am still immersed in the event planning world, but there’s a number of reasons I’ve decided to expand the topics beyond celebrations. First and foremost, I started this blog as a fun outlet that allowed me to consistently keep writing (I had a void in my life for this after leaving the magazine publishing industry). Secondly, I have consistently found myself reading the blogs and following along with the lives of women I don’t even know. Years ago, that would have sounded completely creepy, but blogging and the digital world allows for people to interact, relate and share stories or ideas even though you’ve never actually met (although I’ve been following some of these people long enough to feel like I live down the street from them). Especially with a new baby, I have researched and read more blogs than ever about dos and don’ts of motherhood, easy tips and tricks for mom life, etc. As I grow, learn and transition from life season to life season, I feel I have knowledge to share from my experiences that can benefit others. It might not necessarily be professional advice, but it’s real and true.

So with all that being said, I am so excited for this new transition! I will still very much focus on events, weddings and celebrations, but you will see a lot more personal posts and updates. As I sit here writing this, Parker (our newest addition to the family) snoozes beside me, and I can’t help but be excited to show her all the possibilities in this world. You can truly have a fulfilling life as a working mom with a fabulous social life, a welcoming home, philanthropic experiences, new adventures and still find time for yourself. You just have to want it.

Who knows if readers will continue to follow me or not, but I am excited to see where this takes us. As always, if there’s ever anything you want to know, need advice on or are just curious about, don’t be afraid to ask!

Instagram: @kristi_uncorked

XOXO, Kristi